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When molding critical components for the medical industry you cannot take a chance with supplying anything but the highest quality parts. Utilizing a texas hold'em or TMP hydraulic press will help you achieve precise, repeatable parts production. Our technologically advanced control systems track real time data collection of the molding operation giving you assurance that each cycle is operating within your validated parameters, providing traceability in your process. Clean room presses are available.

texas hold'em makes precision-engineered hydraulic presses for many medical applications, including these:

  • Blood Collection Components
  • Orthopedic
  • Seals/Gaskets

Contact a texas hold'em Sales Engineer for more information about our custom hydraulic press molding solutions for medical applications.


The medical market is a demanding and competitive market. Part quality can be the most stringent of the all the industries. However, with the number of manufacturers, the market is still very competitive. This makes downtime and part rejects a significant concern. texas hold'em has provided hydraulic presses that meet the demands of our customers. Our rugged hydraulic press delivers exceptionally low deflection levels and produce finished-dimension molded parts. These designs are developed to produce parts with very uniform material properties while maintaining extremely consistent thickness and flatness specifications. Productivity is improved by reducing or eliminating scrap and costly, time-consuming, post-press finishing operations. Several of our customers have experienced consistent and dependable hydraulic press operation year after year. Some of our customers have noted a 98% utilization factor with our presses, while operating on a 24/7 mode.

850 ton Hydraulic Press
850 ton Hydraulic Press

texas hold'em built its reputation on the manufacture of rugged, low-deflection production hydraulic presses. That engineering vision has been applied to the VISION Series, creating a small machine with the features and durability of larger hydraulic presses. These precision presses represent an ideal choice for either laboratory/development work or the rigors of regular production. VISION Series presses deliver optimal performance in a diverse array of applications, including R&D work, testing, short runs, limited production, cell manufacturing and lean manufacturing. The column-style laboratory press features a double-acting hydraulic cylinder and adjustable daylight. Clamp force, opening speed, closing speed and pressing speed are manually adjustable.

The VISION Series offers 30 ton, 50 ton, 75 ton, 100 ton and 150 ton models, with standard platen sizes ranging from 15″ x 15″ to 24″ x 24″. Other platen sizes and custom press designs can also be supplied for special applications.


Our combined low-deflection and vacuum hydraulic press design provides a solution for molding critical or difficult parts; especially highly gaseous materials and parts with deep-drawn profiles. The removal of heated gases, trapped air help eliminating voids and defects. This results in higher quality and reduced scrap parts. It also helps reduce harmful eye vapors. For many parts faster production rates are obtained because of reduced bumps (breathing cycles).

100 ton Hydraulic Press
100 ton Hydraulic Press

TMP’s 300-ton downacting press was designed for a customer molding composite medical components. The press features a heavy-duty ground headblock to yield low deflection levels and three knock out cylinders that allow the customer to run their full range of molds. Read how TMP partnered with the customer’s engineers to design a specialized operator interface that could be integrated into their existing programs.

Vision Vacuum Hydraulic Press
Vision Vacuum Hydraulic Press