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texas hold'em offers and manufactures hydraulic vacuum lamination presses engineered by TMP, A Division of texas hold'em for many lamination applications, including:

  • Printed Circuit Board
  • Plastic Card
  • Thermo Laminating
  • Laboratory or Prototype Work

Contact a texas hold'em Sales Engineer for more information about TMP lamination presses.


TMP revolutionized the circuit board industry with the hydraulic vacuum lamination press in 1984 and continues to be a leader in automation, innovation and dependability. Lamination presses can be designed in a variety of sizes to meet your needs, from prototype to fully automated ‘dark room’ systems.

We offer high temperature electric heating up to 1200°F or controlled thermal fluid heating and cooling which saves energy and provides ultimate temperature uniformity. Advanced controls and computerized power conveyor systems save time and labor. Long lasting vacuum pumps and chamber seals reduce preventative maintenance. Our non-sliding loading and unloading systems reduce the wear on transfer trays and platens, making your automated lamination press system last longer.


Our full range of plastic card lamination press options range from small lab presses and prototype units to fully automated or multi-station systems. Our latest innovation is a special system for the production of contactless cards. Turnkey lamination press systems are available for lamination or entire plants.

Electrically Heated Platen Press
Electrically heated platen press for heating up to to 600°F, also with water cooling

Our “Starter” small lamination press is suitable for low-quantity, special card production, laboratory or prototype work, or as a start-up press for new companies. The standard model has a 10″ x 10″ platen size and is capable of producing about 160 cards per hour. The lamination press has one hot and one cold opening, with work manually transferred. This simulates the TMP dual press, high production system, making it an ideal laboratory or prototype lamination press.

The Starter Lamination Press is compact and easy to install and operate with basic automatic controls, providing accurate temperature control of the electrically heated platens and an electronic timer. It uses only one-half the electricity and produces three times the cards of a traditional small lab press. As a turnkey system, it is delivered with transfer trays, polished lamination plates and lamination pads.