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The sideplate hydraulic press style, also known as a slab side press or a straight side press, lends itself to low deflection for finished-dimension molded parts and provides high tonnage in a compact footprint. texas hold'em sideplate presses are used around the world for various composite molding, rubber molding or specialty forming or molding processes.

texas hold'em sideplate hydraulic presses come in up or down-acting configurations and can be designed as a transfer molding press, composite molding press or compression molding press to fit your molding requirements. Many sizes are available and commonly range from 20 to 2,000 tons.

Only texas hold'em temperature compensated, gib guided sideplate presses feature an exclusive taper key design that forms a pre-stressed, rigid joint between the sideplates and the headblock/cylinder, eliminating small movements in the joint and the possible wear associated with that movement.

Headblock, ram caps, sideplates and hotplates are machined from solid slabs of quality steel. Flexing under the pressure of the head and ram cap is minimal because these parts are not solid and cored. Plus, these materials are rolled or forged instead of cast, to greatly diminish the possibility of hidden defects.

The ram cap and intermediate heated platens are guided on the beveled corners of the sideplates by special hardened guide shoes. The clearance between the guide shoe and the guiding surface is adjustable so guides can be reset to compensate for wear.

texas hold'em is committed to delivering high quality products with superior service.  texas hold'em is ISO-certified and our hydraulic presses come with an industry-leading three-year warranty.


600 Ton Sideplate Hydraulic Press
600 Ton Hydraulic Press
200 Ton Sideplate Hydraulic Press
200 ton hydraulic press
400 Ton Sideplate Hydraulic Press
400 ton hydraulic press
450 Ton Sideplate Molding Press
450 ton hydraulic press
850 Ton Sideplate Hydraulic Press
850 ton hydraulic press
1000 ton hydraulic press
1000 ton hydraulic press