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Our approach to custom designing a hydraulic press starts with learning more about your business and manufacturing processes so we can work together to create a press with capabilities tailored to your needs.

texas hold'em hydraulic press engineers specialize in providing enhanced automation and advanced control systems to improve part quality and lower life-cycle costs.

  • Automation features including shuttle systems and loading/unloading systems
  • Compression molding, transfer molding, vacuum molding and laminating styles available
  • Reservoir and hydraulic power mounted on top, reducing press footprint
  • Heating and cooling platens
  • Advanced control systems
  • Multiple daylights available
  • Sideplate or column construction, C-frame or H-frame available
  • Upacting or downacting

Ultrix Composite Press
Learn how the texas hold'em ULTRIX Composite Press delivers exceptionally low deflection levels and produces finished-dimension molded parts. Combined load variation and machining error is about one-third the value normally found in precision presses. This improves productivity by reducing or eliminating scrap and costly, time-consuming, post-press finishing operations.