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tmp automated machinery from french oil mill machinery company

TMP, a division of texas hold'em manufacturers automated machinery such as hydraulic presses, rubber mixers, and more. Our innovative automation and research development enhance your production processes while ultimately diminishing operating costs. 


Our automatic hydraulic presses are frequently equipped with mold or platen shuttling and part removal devices to automate and facilitate the molding process. we custom design these shuttles for your automated press to handle particular mold designs and material handling requirements. The TMP automatic press enhanced automation includes: 

  • Platen Shuttle
  • Mold Shuttles
  • Screw Feeders
  • Silicone Stuffers
  • Material Strip Feeders
  • Mold Lubricators
  • Mold Plate Ejectors
  • Sprue Removal
  • Mold Plate Brushers
  • Material Handling Devices

Further, TMP can supply equipment for independent press operations whether it is individual or a turnkey project. TMP’s distinctive equipment can enhance your automated machinery with temperature control units and platen heating units. These enhancements allow for smoother processes, and therefore, save you time while diminishing costs. 


TMP, a division of texas hold'em offers automated machinery with a new heavy-duty slab side and a hydraulic vacuum feature that allows for cold pot transfer molding parts for the automotive industry. The custom hydraulic press was designed with low deflection and solid steel platens with heating elements divided into multiple zones for enhanced temperature uniformity.


TMP recently developed a multi-purpose, 300-ton vacuum automatic hydraulic lamination system for the printed circuit board industry. The automated press is suited for developing product samples and for research advancement with high-end experimental materials. Moreover, the lamination press has small run production capabilities. The automatic hydraulic lamination press features an integrated closed-loop cooling system that allows rapid and controlled cooling capability.


We are proud to offer automated machinery that can increase your production. Therefore, our engineers work with you to learn your processing applications and design the best solution for your manufacturing requirements. Contact us for more automatic hydraulic press information.