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TMP, A Division of texas hold'em is the premier designer of hydraulic presses for the composite industries. Regardless of your process requirements, large or small, we can provide a customized solution for molding or laminating your composite products. Our extensive texas hold'em and TMP TECHNI-MOLD product lines and our advanced control packages give customers greater press control and press flexibility to optimize product quality and process performance.

Improve your product processes for resins, composites and thermoplastics with our composite molding press solutions. We want to learn more about your business and where you could be falling short. Let’s get started, learn more about our custom capabilities today.

Types of Composite Molding Processes

TMP offers a variety of high temperature molding press types including automatic hydraulic press systems for compression-molding of all types of composites and thermoplastics.

Composite Molding

  • Straight Compression Molding
  • Hydraulic Transfer Presses
  • Hydraulic Vacuum Press
500 Ton Composite Molding Press for the Defense Industry

Scope of Supply

TMP current press specifications cover a wide range of design parameters:

  • Tonnages 5 – 3,000 tons
  • Platen dimensions 5″ – 14 feet
  • Closing speeds 40 to 300 inches / minute
  • Platen heating Oil, Electric, Steam
  • Number of Daylights 1-20
  • Hydraulic pressures Up to 3,000 psi
  • Hydraulic preferences Rexroth, Bosch
  • Control Processors Allen Bradley
  • Operator Interfaces Allen Bradley, Maple

Press Frame

  • Slab-Side type Press – A Vacuum chamber can be readily incorporated into this frame design
  • Four-Post type presses – TMP uses high-tensile rods with over-size diameters, which are identically machined with square shoulder to maintain crosshead parallelism
  • C-Frame and Window Frame types are available for special applications


  • Electrically-heated platens are uniquely designed for uniform heat distribution and temperature control. TMP has designs for high-temperature molding press applications. Up to 1200°F.
  • Oil-heated platens are also available. This method provides the most accurate and uniform temperature over a wide range of high temperature molding press applications.
  • Steam-heated platens are efficient for temperatures to 360°F (150PSI) TMP platens have individual steam traps for better uniformity over systems with a single trap.

Advanced Controls Systems

TMP offers two standard controls packages for the molding of composites. The BPS Control Package, although basic, provides programmable control of pressures, times, allowing for bump cycles, multiple cure settings, and platen temperature control. It includes a microprocessor and an LCD display to enter recipes and compare actual process values to pre-programmed settings.

The industry’s most advanced system used for these products as well as for most composites, laminates and circuit-board lamination is the TMP “Edge” Control System. This is a PLC-based system designed to improve product quality through better pressing accuracy, repeatability, versatile process control programming and monitoring of data for analysis.NEMA-type enclosure mounted to the side of the press.

Control of all press functions, recipe input, and process monitoring is readily attainable through the operator interface.

Press Ram & Main Cylinder

  • Our Ram-Cylinder designs are a heavy duty and rated to 3000PSI. The designs contain special guiding and sealing to provide accurate alignment, reduced wear.

Press Crosshead

  • Machined from thick solid steel plate to minimize deflection.

Moving Bolster Assembly

  • Our bolsters are machined steel, ground flat and parallel. Bolster guides are heavy-duty and are temperature-compensating in their configuration, allowing constant clearances to maintain parallelism.

Hydraulic System

The TMP press Hydraulic System is a proven for its efficiency and long-term reliability. These hydraulics combined with our advanced controls provide press control, accuracy and flexibility unmatched in the industry. The system includes:

  • Slow decompression, to eliminate hydraulic shock and extend operating longevity
  • Ram pre-fill system with side cylinders for fast closing speeds
  • Proportional valving for controlling closing speeds and compression rates
  • Dual transducers for back-up and reliability of pressure control to maintain calibration hydraulic unit, consisting of a steel constructed reservoir, pump, motor

TMP Compression Molding Machine Optional Features and Upgrades

We can customize your molding process with press design options and enhanced automation.
They include:

  • Multiple Daylight Openings
  • A Hydraulic Transfer Cylinder and operating software
  • Hydraulic, controls upgrades for more precision control of speeds and pressures
  • Electrical Control Options
  • Multi-Press Systems with consolidated controls and hydraulics
  • Platens for higher-temperature, cooling, and vacuum applications
  • Exhaust hoods and enclosures
  • SCADA packages and central process stations
  • Mold shuttle systems
  • Material Handling for oil, steam, and hot water
  • High Temperature Molding Press Controls
  • Compression Molding Machine, Techni-Mold for Rubber & Silicone
  • Techni-Mold for Thermoplastics & Composite Molding
  • Techni-Mold Lab Presses
  • Automatic Hydraulic Press Retrofits & Upgrades