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75+ Funny Cycling Quotes, Happy Riding A Bicycle

75+ Funny Cycling Quotes, Happy Riding A Bicycle 1. “The bike will transform anyone who is willing to let it happen.” – Ina-Yoko Teutenberg 2. “Forget the worries, just ride.” – Unknown 3. “Four wheels move the body, Two wheels move the soul.” – Unknown 4. “Bicycles are the most efficient vehicles ...

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Finally some sage but also amusing advice from the legend that is Eddy Merckx. Five Tour De France wins, five Giro d'Italia wins, 19 Monument wins, and three world titles, well, just can't be wrong. "Don't buy upgrades, ride up grades." You can always rely on Eddy.

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7 Funny Cycling Quotes To Get You Back On That Bike - FrankSMS

The Funniest Cycling Quotes. If you’re having trouble feeling motivated enough to get on your bike rather than in your car, a little laughter might help lighten the mood. Some funny bike quotes could easily take the pressure and edge off of the whole thing. 1. Cartoons Always Lighten the Mood. Ned Flanders: “You were bicycling two abreast?”

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James Carson. If it’s not raining, it’s not training. Richard Wing. “Every time I see an adult on a bicycle, I no longer despair for the future of the human race.”. H.G. Wells. Oliver ...

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It's funny how good memories can make you cry, it's funny how forever never seems to last, it's funny how much you would lose if you forgot about your past, it's funny how friends can just leave when you're down, it's funny how when you need someone they never are around, it's funny how people change and think they're so much better, it's funny how some many lies are packed into one love letter, it's funny how one night can hold so much regret, it's funny how you can forgive but not forget ...

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The 10 Best Cycling Quotes - I Love Bicycling

The 10 Best Cycling Quotes. 1. Studies have shown that riding a bicycle everyday makes you more awesome than the general population. 2. You can’t buy happiness but you can buy a bike and that’s pretty close. 3. Put the fun between your legs. 4. Turn it off ride your bike. 5. Don’t know if it’s ...

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0. Cycling isn't a game, it's a sport. Tough, hard and unpitying, and it requires great sacrifices. One plays football, or tennis, or hockey. One doesn't play at cycling. Jean de Gribaldy. 0. Your cycling goals should be out of reach but never out of sight. Felicity Luckey.

The 20 Best Inspirational Cycling Quotes - I Love Bicycling

The 20 Best Inspirational Cycling Quotes. 1. Life’s a climb, but the view is great. 2. I don’t have a bucket list but my bikeit list is a mile long. 3. You can’t be sad while riding a bicycle. 4. Allow yourself to be a beginner. No one starts off being excellent. 5. To bike, or not to bike: that is ...